Hot Lunch

Hot Lunch:
Served at 11:45 am; (12:05 pm on chapel days)
Please provide your own plates & napkins; silverware provided.
There are 76 students and 9 Faculty.



89 thoughts on “Hot Lunch

  1. May 10, 2023 “Picnic” Hot Lunch

    Sue Uittenbogaard ordered 15 dozen burgers and lined up men to grill them.

    We served 96 people. We had 10 salads, 32 cup Tupperware bowl size, including 4 fluff salads, 2 taco, 2 pasta, and 2 lettuce. Oreo fluff salad was popular – that one was gone, so we could have had 2 oreo.

    We used:
    15-20 tomatoes, sliced
    6 large onions
    8 heads of Romaine lettuce
    140 slices of cheese
    2 large bottles of ketchup (barely enough)
    2 – 32 oz jars of sliced dill pickles
    1 large mustard
    1 large mayo
    6 – 8 oz. bags of wavy potato chips

    We purchased 15 dozen buns and used about 11 dozen
    We planned to serve lemonade, but used leftover punch ingredients from another event instead.

  2. Served May 3, 2023
    Egg/Sausage Casserole, Fresh Fruit, Cinnamon Rolls
    Egg bakes-made 9 pans–1 left
    Fresh fruit-brought 3 extra large bowls mixed fruit–approx 1 bowl left
    Cinnamon rolls-made 9 dozen–gone

  3. Spaghetti Bake-Garlic Bread-Green Beans-Root Beer Floats

    Spaghetti Bake-made 12 pans (4 left)
    Garlic Bread-13 loaves from WalMart that we sliced/buttered/garlic/baked,
    sliced into approx 14 slices/loaf. (0 left)
    Green Beans-3 large cans (1/2-3/4 can left)
    Root Beer Floats-6 2 liters and 6 gallons of ice cream. Scooped ice cream into cups and set out with liters and students filled. (1/4 RB and 1 gallon ice cream left)

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