Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Trinity Memo 9.3.19


The annual freshman/sophomore mixer will be this Friday, September 6.

A representative from Dordt will meet with seniors today.

Seven junior students are attending the Iowa State Precision Ag Day in Sutherland, Iowa today.


A huge thank you to our supporters for the large and enthusiastic turn-out at the Labor Day pancake breakfast. $3,329 was donated for the junior and senior classes. Pans from donated items are on a table in the lobby area ready for pick up.

Thinking of fundraisers, the reader might be interested to know that fundraisers are mainly supposed to be work-orientated and not sales-orientated. We have nothing against sales, but a Trinity board long ago decided that with young people and other groups selling candles, calendars, greeting cards, flowers, etc., that there are enough sales. Trinity student fundraisers would be work-orientated and usually free-will donation.

Related to the above, if you know of a work orientated project for the high schoolers, just let us know. Hint: silage pile covering season is approaching.
If you find yourself locked out of the main entry, look for the green bell button on the steel box on the north wall. Pressing the button should begin the entry process.

Fun Friday–Subway

From the Athletic Director:
• Trinity is URGENTLY looking for a Varsity Girls Basketball coach and a JV/Assistant coach for this coming season. Practice starts in November!
• We are also looking for a track coach for the spring of 2020. If either or both of these positions are of interest to you, contact Laura Kuiper, AD, at lkuiper@trinitychs.org, or text 712-451-9329.
• September has arrived and the volleyball and cross country teams have been eagerly waiting for their first meets and matches to happen. This week’s schedule for games:
o Tuesday, Sept 3: Volleyball at HLP 5:30
o Thursday, Sept 5: Cross Country at Okoboji Invitational (Woodlyn Hills Golf Club)
      Drivers: Evan Brummel & Brian Van Engen-Leave at 2:45
• We still need many volunteers for our home games. Our first home game is next week Tuesday, Sept 10. We need admission takers for Sept 17, 24, Oct 8, and Oct 10. Watch the game while helping out our school. I also need line judges for most of the games. Also need a libero tracker for every game. Let Laura Kuiper know if you can help out with any of these tasks. You can email her at lkuiper@trinitychs.org, or text her at 712-451-9329.
• We will be selling season passes at the first home volleyball game. An all sport family pass will be $175. Family members include anyone living at the same residence, including those who are in college, but boarding at the college. An individual student all sport pass will be $40. This will cover every sport through the school year and summer including baseball and softball. By War Eagle Conference majority vote, single admission for either adult or student will be $5. There is no longer a student rate.