Monday, October 2, 2017

Trinity Memo 10.2.17


There is a Financial Aid Night for all interested juniors, seniors, and other parents. It will take place on Thursday night, October 5, after we play Hinton in volleyball. Meeting is in the library. Figure on it lasting one hour.

A representative from NCC will meet with interested students on Thursday, Oct. 5.

The Trinitarian Bible Society is sponsoring a program where our students can complete a quiz on the Reformation and then receive a free commemorative KJV Bible. Many students have the quiz already. There are more in the office available upon request. Completed quizzes should be returned to the office by October 31.

General Announcements:

The Concessions Committee is in need of 1 worker TONIGHT for the 2nd shift. We will be serving a BBQ pulled pork sandwich meal for Senior night on Thursday, Oct. 5. Come on out and enjoy a delicious meal.

Do you have an instrument that you love playing, but no opportunity to play in a band?  Are you in college and playing in band?  Well, we have the opportunity for you!  Trinity Chr. High band invites alumni and post-high supporters to join with the high school students for 2 numbers to be played at our December 11 concert here at Trinity.  If you are interested or need more information please contact Laura Kuiper at and let her know what instrument you play.  We will need to set up a few rehearsals, but that will be determined later after we find a workable time for everyone.  Mrs. Kuiper will get music to you as soon as possible so that you can get your lips and fingers back in shape.

Advance Notice: the Parents’ Circle Fall Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, November 1.

Robotics apparel can be ordered until Oct 16 at our online store at the following link:

Fun Friday—Dairy Queen