Monday, January 7, 2019

Trinity Memo 1.7.19


There will be a 2:30 Dismissal on Thursday, January 10.

We are easing our way into second semester schedules. Requests for changes should come to Mr. Regnerus.

Last Friday, the sophomore class benefited from attending the 5th annual “Your Future at Work” at Northwestern College.

Our robotics team has been enjoying good success again this year. Their next competition is Saturday in Sioux City.


The 14th annual Promotional Supper is scheduled for the evening of Monday, January 28. Plan on joining us for an evening of food and fellowship. The Trinity juniors and seniors will sing.
From the Concessions Committee:
Workers on Thursday, Jan 10:
5:15-start of VB-Terry or Becky VM/Rex or Hedy W/Bart or Jan Z
End of VG-Cleanup-Keith or Amy Z/Chad or Dawn A/Rev. or Crysta B
Workers on Friday, Jan 11:
5:15-start of VB-Jeff or Rose A/Lane or Kassandra B/Chris or Laura C
End of VG-Cleanup-Rob or Candice A/Jeff or Jodi B/Evan or Kim B

From the Athletic department:
 Gate Workers for Thursday, Jan 10:
o 4:30-6:00—Carl or Jill M/Bonnie VE/Perry or Char VE
o 6:00-7:30—
 Gate Workers for Friday, Jan 11:
o 4:30-6:00—Jeanine H/
o 6:00-7:30

 Urgently Needed—Coaches for the following sports:
JV/V Baseball

Fun Friday – Dairy Queen