Monday, January 29, 2018

Trinity Memo 1.29.18


Freshmen and juniors will continue taking the Iowa Assessments this week.

The Chicago trip permission slips and payments are coming in steadily. That’s great! Remember that they are due this Wednesday, January 31.

Seniors, keep up the good work on scholarship applications!

Advance notice:  The State Solo/Ensemble Music Festival will be held on Saturday, April 14, at Lawton-Bronson High School.  Exact times are set later.  This festival includes instrumental, vocal, and piano.


As a school, we also bid a tearful but confident farewell to Rev. Griess, Lael, and their children. Their children are not high school aged yet, but the Griesses faithfully supported Trinity in many ways. The then Seminarian Griess gave chapels for us already in our first year in the rented facility on Main Street. Over the years, as pastor of Calvary PRC, he continued to provide us with many edifying chapels. Rev. Griess also blessed us with wise and biblical counsel of a more private and individual nature as needed. So we bid a tearful goodbye. Yet, we go forth confidently. Confident that our heavenly Father will uphold the Griesses as they take up their labors in Michigan, confident that Calvary will receive another under-shepherd according to God’s good plan, and confident our every need at the high school will be met.

Reminder: The annual Trinity Christian High School promotional supper will be held tonight at Hull PRC with the punch bowl at 6:30 and supper at 7:00. The board encourages everyone post-high school and older to come and support our school! We look forward to seeing you there.

From Concessions: There is an open spot during the second shift on Tuesday night.  If anyone is willing to help out, please text Mary Vis at 470-3693.

Concessions Tuesday, Jan. 30:

5:10-7:00                                                              7:00-End

Jeanine Huizenga                                             Bonnie Van Engen

Audrey Meyer                                                  Steve or Angie Maassen

Brian or Janae Van Maanen

The concessions is also in need for a worker for next week Tuesday, Feb. 6, early shift beginning at 5:30.  If you can help out, let Laura Kuiper know.  Your help is greatly appreciated!


From the Athletic Director:

  • The girls regional basketball pairings were released. Trinity will be playing Akron-Westfield in the first round in Akron on Thursday, February 8 at 7:00. Admission is $6 for all ages.

April 12 will be a big day. Six Protestant Reformed high schools will be giving a combined concert in the evening at Dordt College! Watch for details.

Most of the visiting choir members will lodge in area hotels. However, we need lodging in our homes for about 30-35 students and chaperones from some of our smaller high schools. Please notify the office if you are able to host students.