Memo 1.30.23


Mr. Regnerus has signed his contract for the 2023-2024 school year.

Trinity’s pep band invites all alumni and supporters to come and join us in playing at the ball games on Tuesday, Jan. 31 and Thursday, Feb. 2. Contact Laura Kuiper if you would like to play. ( or 712-451-9329.)

Please reserve Monday, February 27, for the Trinity Christian High School Winter Social! An enjoyable night of music and fellowship is being planned by the board, and more details will be coming soon!

We are excited to announce that Eric Phelps will be performing a few numbers for us at the Trinity Winter Social to be held on February 27.  Eric plays cello and is looking to do a few special numbers with local strings players.  If you are interested in joining him please contact Eric at or Katie Westra at BY FEBRUARY 1.  We look forward to this event and hope that we can get some local talent involved to support Trinity Christian High in this way.

The 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament, hosted by the HPRCS Guild, is scheduled for Friday, March 10, starting at 4 PM. Please see details on the attached registration form. Forms are due February 27. Please hand in to office. Also, please contact Audrey Meyer at 441-3466 if you are willing to volunteer for score table or as a referee. Registration form – BBall-Tournament.hprcs

This week Saturday, February 4, Trinity’s Robotics team, the bzBots, will travel to Omaha for the regional SuperQualifier to compete against 23 other teams.

Hot Lunch – Served at 11:45 AM; 12:05 on Chapel/Assembly Days) Please provide your own plates & napkins; silverware provided. There are 77 students, 9 Faculty. Reminder: please send in the menu by 8 a.m. on Monday.

Feb 1-Cheryl K/Danita M/Jodi B: Pizza casserole, green bean casserole, applesauce, ice cream treat

Feb 8-Laura C/Patty P/Stephanie VE: Penne pasta casserole, italian bread, lettuce salad, topsy turvy cupcake

Feb 15-no hot lunch – noon dismissal

Feb 22-Sue U/Jill DB/Missy VE

From the AD:

Trinity Christian is looking for an Assistant Baseball Coach this upcoming season.  Please consider this great opportunity to work with our Head Coach, Logan Cleveringa, and the young men in our baseball program.  If interested, please contact Mike at or 712-541-2368 or if you have any questions about the position.

BUSY week this week in Basketball with 4 games:

Monday, Jan 30 vs Hinton

  • 4:30 JV GIRLS
  • 6:00 Varsity Girls with Boys to follow
    • 4:15-6:00   Travis/Jodi Groeneweg, Grant/Kalie Klein, Mark/Nancy Kooima
    • 6:00-7:30       Craig/Heather Hoksbergen, Kimmy/Cheryl Kooiker, Brent/Shari Wynia

Concessions workers:

4:30-6:30: Brent/Cara Boon, Lane/Kassandra Brummel, Marissa Westra, Makayla Hoekstra

6:30-cleanup: Peter/Keisha Brummel, Brad/Jill De Boer, Renae De Boer, Hannah Van Ginkel

Tuesday, Jan 31 vs Akron-Westfield 

  • 4:30 JV GIRLS
  • 6:00 Varsity Girls with Boys to follow
    • 4:15-6:00   Trent/Michelle Van Bemmel, Dave/Missy Van Egdom, Chad/Dawn Andringa
    • 6:00-7:30       Terry/Becky Van Maanen, Seth/Mary Vis, Keith/Amy Zevenbergen

Concessions workers:

4:30-6:30: John/Jeanine Huizenga, Kevin/Joan Kooima, Ben Bleyenberg, Peirce Groeneweg

6:30-cleanup: Phil/Laura Kuiper, Brent/Audrey Meyer, Tatum Brummel, Jaylie De Jager

Thursday, Feb 2 vs Harris-Lake Park

  • 4:30 JV GIRLS
  • 6:00 Varsity Girls with Boys to follow
    • 4:15-6:00   Mike/Kim De Jager, Paul/Erin De Jong, Veryl/Kandace Heynen
    • 6:00-7:30       Mark/Labeth Hoekstra, John/Jeanine Huizenga, Glenn/Kris Kooima

Concessions workers:

4:30-6:30: Toby/Jaci Boogerd, Rev/Crysta Brummel, Avery Van Maanen, Kelsey Uittenbogaard

6:30-cleanup: Jeff/Jodi Baker, Evan/Kim Brummel, Malachi Bloemendaal, Lanae Kuiper

Friday, Feb 3 @ HMS

  • 4:30 JV GIRLS & BOYS (HMS has 2 gyms so both will be playing at same time)
  • 6:00 Varsity Girls with Boys to follow (Senior Night for HMS between games)



  • 4:30 JV BOYS
  • 6:00 Varsity Girls with Boys to follow
    • 4:15-6:00   Jon/Rachel Mooy, Chris/Laura Cleveringa, Steve/Tonia Westra
    • 6:00-7:30       Rob/Candice Andringa, Jeff/Jodi Baker, Evan/Kim Bleyenberg