Parents and students should be aware of the following as we head into the exam season.
Teachers are making review materials for next week’s exams available electronically. Students should check their Trinity email and Moodle. They should check it periodically today as teachers add material. Books and such from lockers can be retrieved tomorrow when the building is scheduled to be open for basketball games, starting at 10:00 am or sooner. Students who live near Trinity and who have a way to get there may try to get in their lockers this afternoon. Some of the local teachers plan to be around the building on occasion, but checking ahead would be the surest manner. Remember that teachers will be in the building and available for help on Monday morning. Exams start at noon (12:15 pm) on Monday.
Finally, a few things about exams themselves. We certainly have a unique circumstance heading into exams. The teachers had a Zoom conference this morning, and after that meeting I can say with great confidence that the teachers will do everything in their might to make the best environment for student success. Also, remember that students are not required to come to school until their first exam, and they may leave after their last exam for the day. They may not be leaving and coming between exams.
Mr. Regnerus