Another First for Trinity

Saturday we experienced another first at Trinity. I’m not referring to the first place that the robotics team garnered. They’ve done that a few times already this year. Rather, the first to which I refer is the hosting of a robotics tournament. It proved a worthy event. Highlights of the hosting included:

 The event successfully created the atmosphere of “gracious professionalism,” which was one of the goals.
 There was evidence of our coaches’ diligent efforts, along with the efforts of a few very
supportive dads. Together they presented a competition that was well-organized and moved along at an appropriate speed.
 I’ve learned that there are few behind-the-scene supporters (Doon Welding, Link Mfg., others)who helped with fabricating or customizing some of the parts of our robot.
 The coaches and students had obviously prepared a very good robot. The Trinity robot was of a design that was different from the competitors. The thinking-outside-the-box worked well as our robot performed very, very well.
 The audience support was terrific! The large turn-out was a great encouragement to the
coaches, parents, and students.
 The Master of Ceremonies helped a lot with explaining the happenings as several of us in the audience were newbies.
Our robotics team will continue competing at a few more meets at other locations. We thank Mr. Huizenga and Mr. Westra for their willing leadership, and wish the team continued success.
Mr. Regnerus