Hot Lunch

Hot Lunch:
Served at 11:45 am; (12:05 pm on chapel days)
Please provide your own plates & napkins; silverware provided.
There are 81 students and 8 Faculty.



52 thoughts on “Hot Lunch

  1. 11 recipes chili soup
    10 dozen cinnamon rolls
    1 lb Sr cream
    3 box crackers
    3 bags fritos
    3 lbs cheese
    3 big cans of peaches

  2. BBQ Pork Buns, Lettuce Salad, Chips, Ice Cream Sundaes
    We went through about 30 lbs of bbq pork
    5 lbs lettuce and 3 lbs cheese and 3 big bottles of salad dressing
    We served the individual small bags of chips
    Went through 4 gallons of ice cream
    Had chocolate syrup, caramel, strawberries chopped oreos, m&ms, and whipped cream for toppings.

  3. Turkey-75 lbs (precooked weight)
    Mashed potatoes-45 lbs
    Gravy- 2 gallons
    Corn-3 gallons
    Pumpkin bars-90 bars
    All good amounts. Had enough Turkey and mashed potatoes for those who wanted seconds.

  4. Cheesy Potato/Ham Casserole – 12 casseroles, 3 were left
    Green Beans – 3 gals + 38 oz, had about a cool whip container left
    12 loaves of Bread from Walmart – 1.5 left
    108 Ice cream sandwiches – 20 were left

  5. Grilled hamburgers, French fries, Baked beans, Jello salad, Homemade bars
    135 burgers, 32 burgers left (enough buns for all the hamburgers)
    Ketchup, mustard, and mayo packets
    Sliced cheese
    1/2 gallon dill pickles used
    1 head of lettuce used
    Some tomatoes, some onion

    24 pounds of french fries, used them all
    4 gallons of baked beans, 1 1/2 gallons left
    9 pans (9×13) of jello salad, 3 left (not everyone took it)
    6 jellyroll pans (about) of bars, 2.5 left

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