Hot Lunch

Hot Lunch:
Served at 11:45 am; (12:05 pm on chapel days)
Please provide your own plates & napkins; silverware provided.
There are 81 students and 8 Faculty.



83 thoughts on “Hot Lunch

  1. December 7, 2022–Chili Soup/Cheesy Chicken Vegetable soup, Cinnamon Rolls, Peaches, Brownie w/ Ice Cream
    15 gallons of soup; 6 gallons left
    11 dozen cinnamon rolls, 2 dozen left
    3 gallons of peaches–good
    3 gallons of ice cream–good
    9 dozen brownies–good
    Used 4 pounds of cheese
    Used 4 pounds of sour cream
    3 boxes of crackers
    Used 4 small bags of fritos

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