Hot Lunch

Hot Lunch:
Served at 11:45 am; (12:05 pm on chapel days)
Please provide your own plates & napkins; silverware provided.
There are 81 students and 8 Faculty.

Hot Lunch Schedule 17.18


29 thoughts on “Hot Lunch

  1. Texas Straw Hats
    34 lbs meat gone
    12 18 oz chip bags 1 left
    40 cups cheese 6 cups left
    4 cans black olives gone
    2 64 oz salsa gone
    5 daisy sour cream gone
    120 ice cream bars 40 left

  2. Oct. 11, 2017
    Baked Spaghetti, lettuce salad, bread, and a bar.
    Used spaghetti recipe on page 275 in the green cookbook. Swapped out the can of tomatoes and some veggies for a jar of spaghetti sauce. Made 12 recipes, had 3 left.
    Lettuce, used 10lbs shredded lettuce from Pizza Ranch
    Shredded Cheese, used about 3 lbs.
    Bread from Walmart, 10 loaves used.
    Each person took 2 large bottles of salad dressing.
    1 Tupperware thatsa bowl of homemade croutons, a few servings leftover

  3. Great potato and ham Casserole, page 215 in school cookbook, made 12 recipes, had 3 1/2 recipes left
    Corn, used about 3 gallons
    Grapes, used about 20 pounds
    Ice cream with toppings, used 4 1/2 gallons ice cream with variety of toppings

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