Monday, April 30

Trinity Memo 4.30.18


There will be a pizza lunch on Tuesday, May 1.

On May 1, the Trinity band students will be giving a fun band music program along with the Jr. High band of Hull PR. This program will be held in the Trinity gym beginning at 7:00.

The senior class will be taking their trip this week Thursday and Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Westra, along with Rev. and Mrs. Laning, will accompany the seniors. Kansas City is the destination. The Royals have never lost a game with Trinity in the audience. We’ll see how this year goes.

Freshmen through juniors will be working on course selection for next year. Continue reading


All of the student’s computers that were turned in on time and did not need repairs are updated. They can be picked up from the office. Feel free to call ahead to check if the office is open. E-mails were sent to the students who are unaware of needed repairs.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Trinity Memo 5.15.17


As we near the end of the school year, please check around the house for books and other school items so that they can be returned.

Our hot lunch this week will be our annual picnic. Grillmeisters Nick Kooiker and Alden De Jong are again doing the cooking. Buns and patties are provided. The student council has the student body organized into who brings chips, pop, condiments, etc.

Exams for freshmen through juniors will be next week Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, May 22-24. Teachers will be in the building Monday morning so they will be available to answer questions even though the exams won’t start until noon on that day. The last exam will conclude at noon on Wednesday. Students may come to school just before their first exam for a day, and they may leave after concluding their last exam for a day. Students may not be coming and going to school during the exam time. The library will be open for quiet study and the gymnasium for group study. Continue reading